Virtual Presentation Requirements

Seaside, Mountains, exotic island? Be wherever you want and take part in the conference with your presentation. 

Oral sessions : presenting authors are kindly asked to prepare a recording of their presentation (for reasons of network robustness). During the session, the chairpersons and presenting authors will be connected to an online meeting, while the other participants will attend that meeting on the application. While looking at that presentation, attendees will be able to ask questions by chatting on the application. The chairperson will select the questions to be asked and the authors will answer them orally.

 Requirements for the standard presentations are : max. duration 13 min, format .mp4 or .avi  

Requirements for the student’s session presentations are : max. duration 7 min, format .mp4 or .avi  

We do not recommend any particular software, however there are many commercial (e.g. Adobe Premiere) and free (e.g. Free Cam) solutions that may be used.

Please upload your video before August 15th. 

Each time slot is 20 min. (standard) or 13 min. (students) 

At the end of each session, the online meeting will be open to all attendees. Thus some more questions can be asked to authors, discussions can take place.