About Conference organizers

The Department of Acoustics at the Adam Mickiewicz University is the only “university representative” of acoustics in Poland. At present, the Department employs 28 researchers, including four professors, seven AMU professors and ten doctors. 

There are research groups in the Department of Acoustics, dealing with various research topics, including: environmental acoustics, psychoacoustics, speech acoustics, hearing aids, audiology, electroacoustics, room acoustics, auditory-visual interaction, artificial intelligence, magnetic and electric ultrasound spectroscopy. 

Psychoacoustics is a leading research area and focuses on analyzing the mechanisms of the hearing system for normal-hearing people and for people  with hearing loss. The nature of these studies correlates well with the works of the following research groups which focus on the human response to sound: environmental acoustics in the assessment of noise annoyance; electroacoustics – evaluation of electroacoustic transducers; and room acoustics – evaluating the sound propagation in rooms for different applications. 

The Department of Acoustics conducts long-term scientific and research cooperation with many national and foreign centers: the University of Cambridge (U.K.), the University of Stockholm (Sweden), the Munich University of Technology, the University of Göttingen (Germany), the Kyushu Institute of Design, the Sendai University, and the University of Tokyo. 

The positive outcomes of this foreign cooperation are the titles of Honoris Causa Doctor of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, which have been awarded to leading acousticians: Professor Józef J. Zwisłocki (Syracuse University, USA) in 1991, and Professor Brian Cecil Joseph Moore (Cambridge University), in 2015.